Since 2008 we have been in the solar energy business serving the commercial and electrical needs of our clients, as well installing hundreds of commercial and residential solar systems.
We are one of the few companies that offer a production guarantee on your solar system.
We work with our own in-house financing company to provide you with several options that our competitors are not able to offer you.
We offer the best warranties in the industry. 
We provide 24 hour monitoring.
Guaranteed performance and warranty to cover repairs.


                US                       THEM
Only company that consistently gets 5 star reviews
A GREEN POWER SOLAR PROGRAM - designed to pay off all your debt in 7-10 years with the same payments you are making now
We have lease, PPA, Pace, and Hero Programs available, but often find better ways to save our clients even more money
7, 8, 10, 15 year purchase program with no money down
Micro Inverters that can accept future electric vehicles
A 30 year mortgage wrapped mortgage referral
A modular system that is built for expansion
LED conversion and system size reduction/expansion
Up to a 30 year extended warranty
State of the art home security monitoring system with HD cameras connected to your smart phone at no extra cost
      YES                      NO
      YES                      NO
      YES                      MOST
      YES                      MOST
      YES                      SOME
      YES                      FEW
      YES                      RARELY
      YES                      RARELY
      YES                      RARELY
      YES                      RARELY


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